Bulgarian women vs Russian women: how to find a lover in Bulgaria?

Is it easy to date a Bulgarian girl comparing to Russian one?

Men who have an experience in dating Russian women, often wonder whether it would help them to date Bulgarian girls as well. There are many similarities indeed.

Bulgaria was a part of the USSR from 1946 to 1990. It explains why so many people there speak very good Russian, and there is something common in the mentality as well.

Particularly, women of older generation as well of some of their daughters adsorbed strong family values and still cherish the institute of family very much. They are rather traditional.

However, Bulgaria joined European Union in 2007 and started to adapt to modern reality rapidly, with all the open-minded attitude and freedom-focused relationships.

Yet ancient Bulgarian traditions, which are very close to Greek and have some elements of Turkish ones, are still present in everyday life especially in villages and smaller towns.

women in Bulgaria

As a result, modern Bulgarian women are as ambitious as women in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg but they party much less, still cook very well, and cherish their men.

They expect marriage and a man’s sponsorship less than Russian girls, because they don’t need to escape from the old-type society: they’re already in Europe, with good jobs and travel opportunities.

But, by statistics, women in Bulgaria do think it’s normal for a man to earn more than a woman. It’s really in their genes and won’t be changed anytime in future.

The same with no-strings-attached relationships: Bulgarian women can have them, but they will treasure their temporary lover almost like a husband, without being meany.

They are more short-tempered than Russians though. But they should be accepted as they are: very hot in a bed, very warm as friends, very loving as partners, a bit loud as wives.

In this regard, they could be compared to Italian women even, but Bulgarians are way calmer and softer. In general, they are more stable and satisfying life partners than Russian girls.


Bulgarian type of appearance: does it differ from Russian?

Ethnically, Bulgarians have same roots with Turkish people since they originated from ancient Turks. Some researchers also find they have Iranian and Mongolian ancestors.

Because of geographic situation, Bulgarians were mixing for centuries with Greeks, Romanians, and Serbs. In any case, they are mostly dark-eyed and dark-haired, with curly hair.

Bulgarian women mostly have tanned or olive skin, large eyes, and somewhat bigger noses that are usually in harmony with their full lips. Their facial features look softer than those of Greek girls.

Although there are many people with Bulgarian roots in Russia and especially in Ukraine, in general, their types of appearance are very different. But they are similarly slim.

If you dated many girls in Odessa, Ukraine, you are the most acquainted to Bulgarian beauty as there are so many half-Bulgarian people in this Ukrainian city.


Just like Odessa, Bulgaria is famous for its inexpensive beaches and girls there are naturally fit since they used to swim a lot and jog along the sea coast several times a week.

Bulgarian national character adds a lot to women’s appearance. They smile a lot, their eyes are smiling as well, they seem to be optimistic about everything and welcome new friends.

They cannot be called naive though. They’re healthily positive yet rational and reasonable. Otherwise, Bulgarians wouldn’t build as solid businesses and cosy resorts and homes as we see there.

It’s up to every man whether he considers Bulgarian girls sexy or not. Some of them are short in height. Also, they aren’t for someone who likes very curvy figures.

Basically, it can be said Bulgarian women tend to be model-looking just like Russian girls, but their looks is more exotic and vivid. Ironically, many of them look like Salma Hayek.


How to pickup a Bulgarian girl comparing to Eastern European one

Bulgarian girls like to flirt, it feels natural for them. They enjoy a man’s attention a lot, although they have a sense of dignity and good moral norms, especially educated girls.

But their manner of flirting looks like shyness. They aren’t straightforward at all, like some modern Russian women can be. Bulgarian girls like being courted and admired.

So one cannot get a Bulgarian lover by simply buying her drinks or telling naughty jokes. The flowers, chocolates, and sweet compliments shall be needed even along with non-serious intentions.

There is a good description, Bulgarian girls are talkative with other women but mild and quiet with men, of course, unless they’re angry for a reason. They like a man to be persistent.

If a Russian woman wants some particular man, she’ll make first steps and show her interest to him. Bulgarian women remain passive even if they are very much in love.

Western men should struggle for their choice especially actively taking into account local competitors: Bulgarian men are quite handsome and initiative.

modern Bulgarian women

They also drink less than Russian men, and take care of children, so they’re in general better husbands. Just some of them are lazy and send their women to work instead of them.

So if you want to attract a Bulgarian girl, use some psychological analysis. Find out what her aspirations are about, and give her the perspective of obtaining that with you.

For example, if a woman already lives in a nice resort place, she may be seduced only by more luxurious travel destinations. If she lives a very modest and grey life, just take her out for dinner.

If a girl from Bulgaria have already decided to relocate to another country by herself or to try studying there, you can tell about good connections of yours in that country and the chance for jobs.

So in each particular case, the solution is different. The main thing is to be polite and resourceful, to represent a new level of life she would reach together with you.

There are also many simple and down-to-earth Bulgarian girls who aren’t materialistic at all. Lots of westerners travel to Bulgaria exactly for this reason. These women don’t want any gifts.

They are focused on building a family, so even if you don’t want one, show them you love children, pets, you have a good heart, you know how to repair things at home, and they’ll be yours!

Without direct promises, you’ll wake up their instincts and make them want you more. Reportedly, men travellers often use this trick successfully and get plenty of girls.


How to behave if you decided to marry a Bulgarian woman

Everything happens in life, and even playboys fall in love. After all, exactly Bulgarian women are the most caring and patient in marriage, even if a bit too emotional sometimes.

If your plans go further than just a sexy weekend with a Bulgarian girl, make sure you’re attentive to her parents as well, you openly enjoy their cooking and hospitality.

Do not be too sweet too. It may sound like a weird advice, but both a woman and her family members must feel some healthy distance. They shouldn’t interfere into your personal space completely.

girl from Bulgaria

It’s good to show them you have a lot of work to do, and it’s important for you. There should be hours for activities together and hours for your own stuff, they should get used to that.

You should also make them understand your budget isn’t endless. They may think so just because you’re a foreigner from a better developed country. Show them some limits as well.

It’s a true art to be diplomatic enough between ignorance and letting people eat all your time, between generosity and a common sense. But once you manage to balance all that, you’ll be ok.

Proposal and marriage are very important for a Bulgarian woman, although can be replaced with a modern form of relationship. They’ll be very committed and loyal partners no matter what.