Hook up Bulgarian women: top best ways for travellers

Why is Bulgaria perfect for sex tourism?

Bulgarian girls are as hot as Latin American, but they’re living in Europe. Why this comparison? Because they look exotic, and their cheerful character is formed by sunny resorts.

They’re starting to get modern yet still possess some of the traditional values. Plus, they are the sexiest lovers who know how to be feminine for one hundred percent.

Beaches in Bulgaria deserve to be mentioned separately as they are known to be the cheapest in Europe without losing in quality. Single men are additionally motivated to visit thanks to that.

The same with Sochi in Russia and Odessa in Ukraine, but Bulgaria is much safer, and again, it’s already a full member of European Union. This factor really matters.

Bulgarian girls

In any case, you would agree that dating a girl is always more pleasant if it takes place among beautiful nature. The same can be said about casual sex and short flings.

One’s sensations get much keener, and impressions brighter when accompanied with the sea waves whisper. That is what makes a vacation in Bulgaria irresistible.

Moreover, the age of consent in Bulgaria is as young as 14 years old, which is exotic for American singles too. Bulgarian girls really get mature physically and mentally very early.

Bulgarians are saying though this law mostly exists for protecting Romani girls who start their sexual life and get married extremely early. It’s also a fact that Bulgarians are mixed with Romani.

Meanwhile, older women in Bulgaria remain youthful for a long time too. So it’s really cool to have such a big assortment of pretty women of all ages who are fresh and attractive.

However, very modern principles in women’s minds and behaviour are combined with old traditions, so it’s better to use efficient strategies for seducing them quickly.


How to hook up a Bulgarian girl without troubles?

In some countries of Europe, such as Sweden, Germany, France, you won’t find very traditional and conservative people even in the most distant villages.

But countries that became a part of Europe only recently, and especially if they were in the USSR before, might still have some very conservative regions, which is also true for Bulgaria.

Therefore, it’s easier to find a casual partner in Sofia and famous resort cities, than in small and unpopular towns. Educated girls are usually more open-minded so one should focus on them.

Ironically, it makes sense to search for a hookup girl among modern feminist-thinking women rather than among traditional Bulgarian girls who are focused on finding a husband.

casual sex apps in Bulgaria

Feminist views and sex-positivism are becoming very popular in Bulgaria, but gradually enough so girls aren’t too spoiled, too easy or too naughty so far. It all looks healthy for now.

Women just learn to accept their body freely, without short-mindedness or fears, without trying to stay a virgin for ages to please their future husband who can appear to be an abuser.

The art of enjoying one’s body is currently blossoming in Bulgaria, along with all kinds of massages like in Thailand, and workshops for women about reaching orgasm with or without a partner.

Right now it became a part of everyday reality, but again, only in bigger cities and only for the educated audience. While Soviet-minded people still remain in a darkness.

So it is really advised to use these key words in your self-description: sex positive, body positive, experiments, adventures, open-mindedness in a bed. You’ll weed out the old regime girls.

After all, there are phone applications specially for hookups, and many Bulgarian women already use them. Join without any doubts, and you’ll enjoy your bodies together!


How to make sure a girl is a hookup material

Some women are obvious hookup seekers while about others, it’s very uncertain. For example, escort girls are available in Bulgaria today, although it’s a new phenomenon for society.

Escort women and bar girls are obvious hookup personalities, while girls registered on dating apps and casual sex apps in Bulgaria, may surprise you unpleasantly.

They think they know everything and have various skills in a bed, but in fact, some of them got scared when a man starts experimenting. Well, there are ways to avoid such situations.


Follow the very first and the most important rule of hookup meetings: discuss everything in advance. Not in detail of course, otherwise it kills the spicy flavour, but at least in general.

For example, if you want to try all possible kinds of penetration, you need to ask a girl whether she has any taboos in a bed. Proceed only if she claims to have no taboos.

If you like sex in public, ask her if she enjoys the feeling of some danger and extra excitement while making love. BDSM can be described with the same words, so make sure she understood.

Some experienced sex travellers recommend to try instead of asking. But, start from the safest open space such as the balcony of the apartment. If she’s a beginner, chose the dark night for that.

As to BDSM, use other words for its description: ask a girl whether she likes to have a really strong lover, a true man who is powerful and a good leader. If she says yes, show her how it is.

If you prefer to be submissive yourself, ask her if she would like to feel like a real queen who masters the situation and controls a man in a bed. Teach her how to do that.

All that may sound naive, but many Bulgarian girls are naive and inexperienced indeed, especially if they are very young. Mature women normally know special sex terms and definitions.

Since conservative Bulgarian families tend to protect their daughters and sisters and provide their so-called decent marriages, you should avoid at all costs the following categories:

·      girls from big religious families who openly dream to have many kids as well

·      girls from remote districts and countryside without a University degree

·      girls who express any short-minded views regarding tattoos, piercing, whatever

·      girls who are afraid to travel, afraid to enter a hotel, afraid to date a foreigner

·      single mothers who ask you questions about your family values

·      girls who are telling you about their protective father, uncle, or brothers

many Bulgarian girls

This list could be continued, but you have already understood the general tendency. Use the common sense and do not get involved with fanatically marriage-minded women.

You shouldn’t worry much though, the number of conservative provincial girls in Bulgaria is very well balanced with the number of open-minded sex positive women who are very pro-active.

They explain to other ladies what they are losing in life due to their limited views, and how varied their rights are regarding sex and enjoyment. This movement is getting really strong in Bulgaria.


How to satisfy your Bulgarian lover

Many modern men feel fully satisfied only in case if they see a woman’s satisfaction as well. It depends on one’s personal reflexes, instincts, and habits. Let’s see how it works.

When a woman is satisfied and she enjoyed a process a lot, a man feels more masculine and proud. But it’s also naturally programmed when both are having very keen sensations at the same time.

Well, it’s not a problem with Bulgarian women. They are extremely sensual and always ready for sex, one doesn’t even need a long foreplay to make her excited. She already is.

traditional Bulgarian girls

Sometimes it is enough one long kiss to already start intercourse. That’s why western men usually consider Bulgarian girls the best lovers on the planet, except for African women.

Since a Bulgarian woman can come to the finish very quickly, while a man wants her again, nature programmed them to have multiple orgasms endlessly and it feels amazing.

So it’s not an issue to satisfy your Bulgarian lover. Sometimes the mutual impatience is so big that everything happens right in a restaurant where you met, in any hidden place of it.

You just have to make sure she isn’t short-minded and limited by the society norms, like we described above. If your Bulgarian girl is sex-positive by choice, she’ll make your evening unforgettable.