Top 5 apps to meet Bulgarian women in 2019 (BrilicApp, eharmony, LOVOO, AnastasiaDate, Waplog)

Top 5 apps to meet Bulgarian women in 2019 (BrilicApp, eharmony, LOVOO, AnastasiaDate, Waplog)

Dating apps - it's not a magic wand, but a good opportunity to meet a lot of those men who are also looking for a relationship! And then there is an interesting task of this set to choose the right one for you, and become suitable to him.

Brilic: Serious Dating

Captain Obvious reports that Dating apps are needed to meet people. And our reader, an experienced traveler, objects to him: to go on vacation without installing on a smartphone Brilic: Serious Dating, absolutely meaningless! And tells why (no, not only because the application is easier to find a free local macho).


In my iPhone all applications are divided into categories. And Brilic: Serious Dating harmony lies in the category of "Travel" next to flight aggregators and hotel booking.

In General, this is no accident. I use it mainly on trips to explore the city I'm going to. Don't think of it as clumsy excuses, I actually think "Brilic: Serious Dating" is one of the most effective ways to find the best places in an unfamiliar city with the help of people who live there all the time. Yes, and sometimes I fall in love with a Catalan, but it's a nice bonus.

eharmony - Online Dating App

But there are universal tips that reflect the General preferences of users of the platform in all countries and can increase the chances of meeting. For example, if you choose clothes of bright colors for your photo, your profile will stand out among others, because according to statistics, about 72% of users are dressed in neutral colors (black, dark blue, beige or white). By connecting your Instagram feed to your profile, you can tell more about yourself — it also increases the likelihood of a match. But the photo in sunglasses and hat, on the contrary, reduce interest by 26%. Finally, you should look more often in the application after noon on Sunday — this is the period of peak activity of users around the world.


In my experience, it is best to buy gold status in Eharmony a couple of weeks before the trip and start planning in advance, while still in Russia. So you collect the route of the recommendations of several matches and go on it with the worthiest of them. Well, or you can schedule one date for each day of travel. However, be ready that will fall on the first of them — and then have to cancel the rest of the blame... Been there, done that…


Well-known online Dating sites are more like sex clubs or a teleconference with a psychiatric clinic. Men and women who are frustrated with finding the right couple complain and get angry with each other.

Lovoo app

Women reproach men for offers of sex, rudeness and lack of interest, men put women in reproach ignoring, inflated expectations and ... disinterest. Yes, both sides accuse each other of the same-superficial and disinterested communication, as if everyone has at least 25 worthy applicants. It's true: online Dating disappointed, hurt, angered, and even frightened. And at the same time, the Internet has been and remains the most affordable way to find a partner. But in order to use it comfortably and not to be injured, you need to learn a few simple safety rules.


Give Dating sites a clearly defined time. For example, no more than an hour a day to view profiles and respond to the most interested respondents. In addition, to take breaks in the active search — to allocate a month for the selection and screening of 3-4 most suitable candidates. Next, delete the questionnaire and develop familiarity with the selected group. If none of the Dating has not grown into a comfortable relationship for you-to resume the profile and search.

Advices for successful online dating:

·       Don't scare and don't make pleasant conversation questioning;

·       Ask a lot of open questions;

·       It is important to write detailed information about yourself;

·       Time is important: if you are determined to find a suitable man there, then twenty to thirty minutes a day you need to allocate it (and maybe more).

A man who just wants to fantasize, the meeting will be postponed under any, the most incredible pretexts. If there were already two pretexts, and the time since the beginning of communication has passed a couple of months, you can safely move it to the black list. If a man immediately declares that he is ready to come, even determines the time of arrival, but all his conversations revolve around your underwear or sexual preferences, even if he comes, then with a narrowly directed goal — sex. Are you ready for such an adventure? It is good to clarify with a man as soon as he sees your relationship at a distance — whether he wants you to move, what you can do in his city or country, are there any cultural differences? See if he's who he claims to be. Ask for links to profiles in the social networks, check the IP address.

Stay open

Reply to all messages except obviously offensive and vulgar. Even if it's " Hello, how are you?"Remember that writing to a stranger is very difficult. All the more difficult from the first minutes to look interesting, unusual and sparkling joke. Do not believe me — try to write to someone first and start a conversation. So help the interlocutor who dared to do it. Ask the man questions. Feel free to compliment him, thank him. Check the person in communication, and do not draw conclusions before it began.


AnastasiaDate: International dating app

Yes, we all value our time and don't want to lose him for nothing. Therefore, many people want to weed out unsuitable options at the stage of correspondence. But. Do not forget that not everyone is a master of the epistolary genre. Many simply hard to write and easier to communicate in person.

And some candidate who writes you short messages "about nothing" and doesn't know what to ask and what to say, in life can be quite a nice person with whom you are comfortable, despite the fact that he is silent. And the way a person makes an appointment is very significant. If the correspondence you pre-determine the day and time he says he'll call and not call, but there is a couple of days and again offers to meet, this does not explain why it failed or just says "was busy" here you are, and be in relationships if you reach them — man will let you down, disappear, then appear, you'll feel in tenth place. If a man asks where you work and offers to meet at lunch, it is also an indicator that he is not up to you. He has allocated 15 minutes for a meeting, and not the fact that the relationship will allocate more.


In addition, it's no secret that both men and women in the network lie — they indicate the wrong age in the profile, post irrelevant or heavily modified Photoshop photos. You may think that you are talking to a 35-year-old handsome athlete, and the meeting will come 50-year-old bald and fat man, who really was an athlete, but 15 years ago. If a man himself appoints a time and a place, and does not ask whether it is convenient for you — in front of you a dictator-egoist, in your relationship he will be the only one. If a man offers to meet on the street or in the Park, it can say that he does not want to invest and spend money, and not the fact that he wants to do it in a relationship. Just don't forget with all the "if" about the Golden rule of psychology.

It sounds like this: "if a person keeps his hands in his pockets, he is uncomfortable or he is lying. Or maybe he's just cold." The meaning of the rule is that any "bell" can be both disturbing and falsely far-fetched. It is better to check everything in person.

Expectations and reality

Combine your expectations from your partner with reality. Look at yourself in the mirror and honestly tell me what you are and what a man you can get carried away. If your own criticality is not enough, you can ask someone from close friends, how do you look. According to my observations, very wounded and suffer on the Dating sites are those who are not able to assess themselves critically.

For example, not very slender and not very well-groomed woman of age 40+ sees herself as still a 30-year-old beauty and expects from a man a sports torso, a stylish look and material prosperity above average. Not finds such a simply because she not in his field of view, refuses ordinary men age about 50 and goes in the world with resentment.

Don’t consider all men with one scenario:

·       There are no normal men;

·       They are all alone goats;

·       All jerks are around.

Or a man of 50 years, unkempt, unsettled, without an apartment, writes 25-year-old girls, receives refusals from them or ignore, and concludes: "All women need only money."

You're not here for the Prince to Treat online Dating as an experiment, as an attempt. Not to look at everyone who started a dialogue, as a man of his life. Don't count the first date as a relationship. Not to confuse sex with love and relationships. Do not reject or devalue a person at once, but at the same time immediately denote what you do not like. An adequate person will hear and take note, inadequate – will continue to do what you do not like. The main thing is that you do not continue to be with him in communication. No matter how we scolded online Dating, they were and remain the most convenient way to find a partner. The main thing is to use it correctly. And not to forget that a couple can be found everywhere, even where you least expect it. Communicate, meet, check, search.

Waplog -Free Chatting & Dating App to Meet Singles

Be active, show sincere interest in the men you like, but give them the opportunity to take the initiative. The ability to take the initiative. If in conversation questions will ask only you, you will quickly get tired of constant verbal innings. Sometimes pause, joke, put dots, just agree with the man said.


You can write to the man you like-you will have a great advantage, because you are the initiator of the conversation. Ideal will be neutral phrases, such as congratulations on the holiday, the beginning of the work week or, conversely, with its end. You can ask about the mood of the interlocutor, to ask any question on the questionnaire. No matter what you write — if you are interested, he will definitely let you know with his active messages and suggestions to meet.