Top 5 dating sites to meet Bulgarian women

Top 5 dating sites to meet Bulgarian women

Well, if it does not work, then at least you can have fun. A Dating site-a very convenient platform for training in flirting. Of course, flirting techniques huge set, and know all of them can only the most talented Heartbreakers. Well, we, ordinary women, it is important to understand at least some basic rules.

Change your position. Often men who are looking for love on Dating sites, complain about the closeness, coldness, harshness of women. We do not notice how we take the position of distrustful, wary, closed. We think: "What does he want? Come on, come on, I'll see what kind of fruit you are." Believe me, it is noticeable not only in physical acquaintance, but also in correspondence.


Don't be afraid to take the initiative. Women should be active, but not Intrusive. The first to write a nice man with a proposal to meet or go for a Cup of coffee. But if you already communicate for a while and he, for example, writes that he missed you, do not immediately jump on the hook with the words: "So, can we meet?" In this case, the proposals should come from him, and from you only the words: "I missed you too." At the same time your suggestions in gratitude for some action on the part of men is only a plus.


Be brief. At the stage of flirting do not write about yourself long sheets, you will be taken as a bore. Flirting is like a game of ping-pong. You need to throw and beat the sharp short feed. And here online correspondence is only in our hands. Build phrases succinctly and briefly.

Learn how to hold a pause. It is important to understand that a man falls in love not at the moment when you smile at him and say something, but at the time when you are out of sight. But before that, you need to hook it. Write something intriguing, hot, and shut up. As long as he thinks what you mean, he'll be more interested in you. But the main thing-do not overreact and do not seem "mysterious on the whole head." Be simple, clear, open and warm. But at the same time laconic and able to shut up in time.

Show your feelings. It is impossible to ignite love in another, if you do not burn yourself. Do not be afraid to show your interest, sympathy, tell a man about what feelings and emotions he wakes you up. As you feel dizzy from his words as butterflies fly up, immodest fantasies appear. Flirting is when it's hot.


Lose with dignity. Fear of rejection, rejection prevents to give flirting and play with passion and pleasure. The desire to win at any cost, too, does not add spontaneity. You should not have a clear goal necessarily to twist you interesting man and marry him. So you have to flirt with different men. Get ready for the fact that most of the men that you like and with whom you try to flirt, you do not work out, and you lose. With the fear of rejection takes practice. It is not necessary to hang the role of the future husband on the man at once. Set a goal: I learn to meet and flirt. Survive a couple of refusals (the facts that you did not like the one who liked you), go through it, understand that it is not fatal, you can not interest everyone. And try further. Your task now – not to marry, and interest, maintain this interest. With several, not one.

Important: Flirting is a game. Take it as a game and feel yourself totally free.

What is the significance of the exchange of messages? Very large, because of the correspondence can begin the story of your love, a happy marriage or a whirlwind romance. How to answer, how to politely refuse, how to initiate correspondence with the man you like? This article is intended to answer these questions. Analyzing the first message so you received a message from a man. It is important to us both its content and the data of the author.

badoo site

Important: The mistake of many women is excessive demands on their respondents.

This is a Dating site, not a competition of masters of Bulgarian literature. Therefore, do not behave like a teacher of Russian language and literature and scare quite worthy candidates. In one Dating story, a lady complained about how she met a good man-and gave flowers, and invited to a cafe, but after receiving his illiterate SMS, she came to a state of horror and refused him. It is very difficult to call such a woman smart. Is literacy so crucial to family life?

Isn't it more important for a man to be attentive, caring, loyal, hard-working? Often people with technical education, brilliant engineers and programmers are not friends with the Russian language. This does not mean their General mental retardation, but simply indicates a special state of mind and some gaps in education. Nor should you contemptuously turn away from the usual greetings, compliments or winks. Perhaps the man is simply not strong in correspondence and is not a" veteran " Dating site. Take the time to read his profile and respond in kind with a wink or say hi in response.

It all starts with the right pictures. You want techno clubs? Be kind, lay out a photo where you stand near the DJ console on the dance floor. Or are you interested in the top restaurants? Okay, then post a photo with a glass of wine and a big dish of oysters on the ice. In General, the main rule-like this.

During communication do not hesitate to ask questions to men, certainly, without giving to conversation a form of interrogation with predilection. If the questionnaire does not indicate whether your interlocutor is married, you can directly ask what caused such mystery and what is his marital status. It is bad form to ask directly about the size of salary, make of car, height, weight or position.


In General,on the Internet solid men often tend to understate, and ordinary-to overestimate their social and financial status, so be prepared for such inconsistencies. The hierarchy of topics on which you communicate can be built around the following scheme:

·       General issues (mood, weather, holidays, weekdays-weekends),

·       Exchange of views (relations between men and women, sports, politics, cars, economy, music, literature, favorite places, etc.),

·       The message of personal information about yourself (past relationships, wishes for the future partner, plans for children).

Of course, this scheme is very approximate and there are no clear patterns.

The transition from active-duty messages like "hi! How you feeling?" it can take only a few minutes to have a Frank conversation on exciting personal topics on the Internet. The main idea is that you need to be able to feel the mood of the interlocutor, not to ask sharp, untimely and too personal questions, while trying to get the most information.

Profile description

The second source of information after the photo is the text in your profile. Believe me, people read it! Use a phrase like "Hello Everyone, I'm in Oslo from 3 to 5 March" and be prepared for various invitations to both techno parties and Philharmonic concerts. Be smart. Niche! For example, it would be appropriate to write in the profile of something from the category of "day love architectural tours of the city, and in the evening do not mind to drink a good Martini with jazz accompaniment." Techno-parties and the Philharmonic concerts, too — the main thing is to write about what interests you.


Well, then, if you already correspond with your match, then please control your "love spell". I mean, flirt, but not at full power. If your goal is to provide yourself with leisure time for the weekend in a new city with a person who intrigued you, try to find out more information about him and not to give iron promises. If your match is clearly interested in meeting you, then agree only if you are sure that he will show you everything that you are interested in.