Top guide to meet bulgarian ladies in vacation

Top guide to meet bulgarian ladies in vacation

Traveling to the wonderful city of Bulgaria while you are single can come with lots of perks principal amongst which is meeting or even hooking up with other single people. Visiting a new place as a single increases your opportunity of catching some fun, having a sense of adventure and self-discovery. Believe it or not, visiting a new place is wonderful but the entire process is worthwhile when you do it with somebody you are attracted to.

If you are visiting Bulgaria for the first time and you are interested in catching some fun or meeting some wonderful ladies, then this is for you. There is absolutely no need to log in your mobile dating app just to look for a female company when you can just walk up to her during your vacation. 

Whether you are interested in dating a Bulgarian woman, you just want meet Bulgarian ladies, or perhaps you are in search of Bulgarian women for marriage we have provided a step by step approach on how you can meet Bulgarian ladies while on vacation. 

Take note of places of public gathering 

While on your vacation, try as much as possible to be around places of public gatherings such as restaurants, the local parks, your hotel common room or even a public transport system. Just be in your best and you may be lucky enough to meet Bulgarian ladies in any of the places mentioned above. We, however, suggest that you avoid Mets game if you are looking for Bulgarian women for marriage. 

Play the traveler card:

Being a traveler increases your chances to meet Bulgarian ladies, by playing the traveler’s card, you become more attractive, adventurous and even interesting to Bulgarian women who will want to know about your culture and origin. Leveraging this, you can increase your chances of dating a Bulgarian woman once she is fond of you. 

Just talk to her

After getting her attention with your traveler’s game, perhaps it is the best time to talk to her and seek her help to make your visit to Bulgaria a memorable one. This may be intimidating most especially if you are looking for Bulgarian women for marriage but it is worth the risk. 

Carry something to share 

Women love men who are caring. After you meet Bulgarian ladies, try as much as possible to offer something, this could be chewing gums, a deck of cards, mints, flashlights, granola bars, or just anything to keep the conversation going. 

Confirm her interest

Be courageous enough to confirm her interest in hanging out with you for the rest of your visit. This will help you clarify some issues and avoid costly assumptions. If she is not interested and you feel you can give it another try, please go ahead, after all, nothing good comes easy.


Be as interesting as possible, nobody loves to hang out with an individual who will bore them to death. Dating a Bulgarian lady could be fun and wonderful.